The First step

We all have events in our past, that in some way or the other, guided us in shaping our lives today.

Most of them go unnoticed, leaving us to ponder where it all begun.

As with the theme of my blog, it all began with a story..

There is a famous handle in a popular social media website that had been selling sarees for many years. This was one of the few sites I used to shop from when I first ventured into online purchases. My knowledge about sarees at that time was mostly limited to the BIG TWO- it was either cotton or silk.

The owner of that page had put up a post titled “MS blue Ilkal weave from Karnataka- Open for preorders” What surprised me that moment was there were sarees that came with a name! ( I later learnt that MS blue was named after MS Subblakshmi as that was her popular choice of saree colour in her concerts)

Even my mother, the supposed thesaurus of fabrics had not heard of the Ilkal saree. I did not expect her to, as the households in Tamil Nadu were ruled by the Kanjivaram silks and the Chettinad cottons. Beyond those two, there were the Mangalagiris , Venkatagiris and to the millennials, the “designer saree!”

Having bought the saree from that store I was immensely pleased with the way I was able to comfortably carry myself around with it.

The MS Blue Ilkal saree matched with a kalamkari blouse

Thus began my journey into discovering the the wonders of the six yard. The more I learned, the more I became passionate!

How this passion fuelled the start of Saaranga , is a story for another day!


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